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(Don’t touch My Data)


Defend and protect your digital personality

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 It’s no longer a question, of IF but WHEN cyberspace becomes hostile to you!


Lately in the internet’s world, data protection has become a very hard task to achieve. Would you happen to know? That you can remove a picture from yourself on the web, if it was posted without your consen, or protect your internet identity, with very simple tools to handle.

Cyberspace holds a universal reputation of a lawless platform allowing freedom of action and expression without taking any responsibilities. Think again! Your data has the right to be protected and deserves to be defended! You too, learn to safely surf or defend your digital data from misuse by third parties.

Since we are constantly connected in today’s world, most tools we use could provide al sorts of litigation possibilities, therefore exposed to all kinds of vulnerabilities.  TPMD will help you if you feel guarded (smartphone or e-mail) or harassed. TPMD will advise you if you are concerned about being a (the) victim of identity theft, or if you are being blackmailed online. TPMD will assist you to keep your data constantly available available constantly, integrally and confidentially to avoid loss, (theft stolen identity) or modification.

TPMD will inform you of your rights and duties as a user and will attentively listen to your problems, if verify they can be resoled virtually, let’s not forget that above all TPMD’S main goal is to be at the service of human kind.


TPMD also certifies the companies that wish, at a lower cost, to offer their customers the guarantee that the data are processed from respectful of the standards in force. TPMD offers three levels certification (bronze, silver and gold), renewable every year, to cover different areas: the legal aspect (LPD, GDPR), the technique, the training continuous and risk management. The company will have to fill the level requirement of certification to benefit from the label.













A question ?
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   Are you concerned about your private sphere or the use made of your data?

So whether you're an individual or a micro-business,
TPMD is there to support you in securing your cyberspace, combining security, technology and law.

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As a starter top open up a file, a fee will be requested in advance as a first timer, in order to request an advice from TPMD. Furthermore, you will be given the choice to ask your question, either by email or by organizing an appointment (provided with a link into a calendar) via skype, telegram, WhatsApp or phone call. After taking notice of your claim a proper assessment will be provided to you and the answer will be returned to you by the means of your selected choice.

Next step, applying the advice provided or, if you prefer, enter in contact with TPMD to request guidance trough the process.

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Services Rate type Prices in CHF
First tip Unique 45
Accompanying procedures after first advice Per hour 200
Course of digital Protection Awareness (social engineering)

Per hour

(45 min)


Procedure for defferencing (right to forget) and tips



Dispute resolution assistance in case of:

  • Conflicts related to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  • E-commerce scams
  • Harassment, identity theft
  • Phishing, spam, rançongiel
  • Digital blackmail, sextorsion







Digital Succession Service:

  • Before death: help with digital heritage planning
  • After death: help with the recovery and closing of digital services







Data backup (maximum 2)



Removing spyware on your devices (maximum 2)



Strengthening your devices (maximum 2)



Data backup, spyware removal and enhancement of your devices (maximum 2)



 TPMD Certifications (3 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold)

 Annual On demand
Offer : FREE fee’s for opening up a new file !


Any questions ? Contact TPMD

By phone, telegram or WhatsApp: +41765221193

By Skype: live:david.ferreira_28

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fryday 9 am - 12 pm et 2 pm - 5 pm
Thursday 2 pm - 5 pm


   Meeting in person can be made possible in Geneva or Lausanne, Switzerland

Diplomas and certifications of the founder

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Information Technology

Master of Law in legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies

Prince 2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management


Cobit 5 Foundation

Participation in professional competitions

1/2 finalist 2018

Applicant 2018



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