TPMD now offers a support and advice platform, both legal and technical, at affordable prices and answers all your questions, the ones you never dared to ask. All your tools of daily life bring possibilities for litigation since we are now living ultra-connected and are therefore exposed to all kinds of vulnerabilities. However, do you know that you can have a photo taken of you on the web if it was posted without your knowledge? Do you know the tools, very easy to use, to protect your data? TPMD will assist you if you feel that you are being watched (on a smartphone or e-mail) or even harassed. LDCT will advise you if you are concerned that you may be the victim of identity theft or blackmail. TPMD will help you keep your data constantly available, intact and confidential in order to avoid any loss, theft or modification. TPMD will inform you of your user rights and duties. TPMD has above all the wish to listen attentively to your requests: if the problems to be resolved are virtual, TPMD wants above all to be at the service of people.

TPMD also certifies companies that wish, at lower cost, to offer their customers the guarantee that the data is processed in a manner that respects the standards in force. TPMD offers three levels of certification (bronze, silver and gold), renewable each year, to cover different areas: the legal aspect (LPD, GDPR), technique, continuing education and risk management. The company will have to fulfill the level of certification requirement to benefit from the label

Diplomas and certifications of the founder

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Information Technology

Master of Law in legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies

Master of education in secondary education degree